The Moscow film festival promises to be tough

The Moscow film festival promises to be toughThirty-first festival, which this year celebrates its fiftieth anniversary, will open in the capital on June 19, a film by Pavel Lungin's "Tsar" in which Oleg Yankovsky has played his last role in a movie."In scale, character and quality of performance of the two main roles, the picture raises the bar of national cinema and public significance of the festival," said about the film, the Chairman of the selection Committee of the festival Kirill Razlogov. - Oleg Yankovsky finished his career on a very high note, and we'll give him his due".With regard to the programme of the festival, the organizers decided to stick to the principle of premierethe, which at the time refused. In non-competition program will feature the most famous and largest paintings, including victory at the last Cannes festival. "Hard and strong emotions will be a lot and in competitive and non-competitive screenings," warned Razlogov.In the main program of the festival are 16 or 18 films - the final list will be approved later. Among them, three paintings by Russian Directors. This adaptation of Chekhov's story "Ward No. 6" karena Shakhnazarov, "Pete on the way to heaven" Nicholas Dostala and "the Miracle" Alexander Proshkina.Razlogov noted that of particular interest, in his experience, is not the main competition, which somehow pushes the problem situation, the weight of those or other creative professionals, as evidenced Cannes and Berlin festivals, and the second. At MIFF this program "Prospects", which was originally said 12 paintings, but it can expand up to 13 or 14 movies. Well-known film critic warned that the search, bright, shock effects in this program will be higher than in the main competition. It is interesting that in this contest there is the film "First squad", in creation of which was attended by Russia, Japan and Canada.The festival closes on June 28 the Michael Mann movie "public Enemies". It is noteworthy that the picture will show three days before the premiere in the U.S. and nearly a month before the premiere in Russia. One of the main roles in it are played by johnny Depp.The main venue of the festival this year will be the "October" cinema, the opening and closing will take place at "Pushkinskaya". Contest performances will be held in Art and Cinema. Source: the Moscow film festival promises to be tough.

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