Sean Penn for a year broke up with the movie

Sean Penn for a year broke up with the movieAfter receiving the Oscar, Sean Penn we decided to leave the cinema. He refused the planned filming of the Comedy brothers Farrell "Three moron" and a crime Thriller of Asger Summer "Cartel"."We are really informed both manufacturers that Penn will not be able to participate. If for some reason the shooting will be able to defer, Sean will be happy to take part in them", - told the publication E! News spokesman actor Mara buksbaum.Reuters writes that the decision of the foam due to the desire to spend time with family, vacation can take a year.The problem for Jim CarreySuch prolonged absence of one of the most famous Hollywood actors creates many problems for the creators of "Three morons" and "Cartel" and the companions of foam on the sets. For example, in the film by Farrells Penn was supposed to play the moron named Larry, and the role of the other two morons were approved in March, Jim Carrey and Benicio del Toro. Now they will either have to wait for the foam, or to find another actor. Filming of the Comedy was scheduled for August, the company MGM planned to release the tape to the show in 2010. "If the Studio decides to wait, she may lose Carrey and del Toro. On the other hand, half of Hollywood can go hang for these roles" - reminiscent in Reuters.The creators of "the Cartel" from Universal and Imagine Entertainment have already decided to dispense foam.The actor managed to finish filming the Thriller "Fair game", held in new York.The family has priorityThis spring, a married 48-year-old actor and his 43-year-old wife Robin Wright was on the verge of collapse. April 24, Penn filed papers for divorce in the Supreme court of California, Marin County, but in may he changed his mind and took a statement. Later he announced to reporters that his side were "selfish act". Friends of the couple were at a loss what could motivate a celebrity to take this decisive step.At Wright and Penn have two children - 18-year-old Dylan and 15-year-old Hopper.A few years ago there was a similar story with the divorce documents. The initiator of the divorce was again Penn - he the paper issued on 7 December 2007. Three days after her husband similar document filled and Wright. In April 2008, both petitions were withdrawn from the court. The causes of the quarrel remains unclear.Penn met his future wife during the filming of the picture "State of grace", which was released in 1990. In 1996, the star issued a marriage. At the beginning of this year, Penn received the "Oscar" for best actor. The Academy was rated created in the drama "Harvey milk" the way politics is homosexual. Together, they came to the awards ceremony, however, the actor did not mention the name of his wife, when he thanked those who helped him with "Harvey Milk". Source: Sean Penn for a year broke up with the movie.

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