Japanese boxer died in the waterfall

Japanese boxer died in the waterfallJapanese boxer Noriyuki Komatsu found dead in the pool of the waterfall in the city of Otsu. The athlete's body found on Monday evening, April 13.Police believe that the 29-year-old boxer accidentally fall into the waterfall. On it informs Internet edition Boxingscene.Komatsu prepared for a duel with his compatriot Daisuke Comedy. The fight was to be held on 13 may 2009. According to the news Agency Reuters, the boxer has taken courses of meditation at the temple in Kyoto, and then went to Otsu, where he devoted himself to ascetic practices.Komatsu acted in weight category to 51 kg. In professional Boxing, he spent 36 battles in which he won 24 victories and six defeats. Six more matches Komatsu ended in a draw. In 2005, the Japanese claimed the title of world champion under version WBC (world Boxing Council). Source: Japanese boxer died in the waterfall.

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