In the `Miss America` scandal

In the `Miss America` scandalOn the beauty contest "Miss USA", the final of which was held in the casino planet Hollywood in Las Vegas on April 20, the scandal broke. Participant, runner, made a sensational recognition.The girl said that made it a gay marriage cost her Golden crown. The participant stated that it did not receive the title of Queen of beauty because expressed her disapproval of gay marriage.During the show, which was broadcast on television, one of the judges is the author of the popular blog about celebrities - asked Miss California Carrie Pridgen as it pertains to same-sex marriages. According to the judge, hearing the answer "Miss California", he "almost fell off the chair," writes the BBC.Beauty, despite the fact that the issue of gay marriage in American public life is considered one of the most acute, dare to Express their true attitude to this problem."We live in a country where you can choose between same-sex and opposite-sex marriage. I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Do not want here to insult, but that's how I was raised", - said in response to Pridgen, prompting applause in the hall, interspersed with booing lustily.Statement contestants pitted against millions of American gays and lesbians and their families and all those who support them. After such a statement, according to him, she has no chance of winning, although it was definitely considered a favorite.In an interview after the contest Carrie Pridgen stressed that sincerely expressed his point of view and could not do otherwise. "It cost me a Golden crown," added "Miss California". Source: the Miss America scandal.

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