Richard Gere has opened a fancy restaurant

Richard Gere has opened a fancy restaurantRichard Gere is known for his political and public Affairs. He is constantly involved in some campaigns in the cause of peace or in charity.And now Richard Gere had a dream to create a network of influential people. For this he not opened the site, he opened a restaurant.The restaurant, which is located in a XVIII century building in new York, gir wants to make a magnet for the rich, famous and influential people. He has so many friends that there is no doubt that he will succeed. In this restaurant, he wants to arrange evenings where influential people will think about the global world Affairs."In this town too much too successful people whose work visible and valued by many," says Richard. "I'm sure we will create something like a network of influence, and will discuss in my restaurant issues to improve things on the planet". Source: Richard Gere has opened a fancy restaurant.

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