Singer George Michael made a crash

Singer George Michael made a crashSinger George Michael arrested again for driving drunk or under the influence of drugs that will be set for the examination. Your rights are withdrawn for the same offense, he received only two months ago.The singer on his Range Rover worth over 100 thousand dollars entered in the ass of the truck with the trailer on highway A34 in Berkshire. According to the driver of the truck, the singer looked disoriented and seemed to understand what was going on."He looked stunned and even for some reason tried to climb into the cab of my truck. And kept telling me that is afraid to be in prison" - quoted by The Daily Mail, the words of the driver.Rowe, a native of Scotland, also showed that for a few seconds before the collision was watching in the rear-view mirrors, a silver Rover Michael scurried along the way. The subsequent impact was so strong that Rowe was afraid that brutalises it killed the driver."He hit me so hard that the rear axle up into the air. When I stopped the truck and got out to see what happened, I was afraid that the other driver did not survive," he said.Police took Michael to the station in the Lodden valley that under the Reading for evidence and conduct the necessary tests. The singer was tested for the presence of alcohol and drugs in the blood, and then released without bail.Recall the fall of 2006, George was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs and narcotic drugs. The musician was arrested on 2 October 2006 in North-West London for jamming on the road, because he could not drive under the influence of drugs. He then fell asleep at the wheel of his Mercedes, but before that managed to stop him by blocking the road. As a result, the singer was sentenced to one hundred hours of community service and two years right away. Source: Singer George Michael made a crash.

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