Scandalous novels stars

Scandalous novels stars About their novels legends. Their adventures can be removed soap Opera... Each of them has something to boast about...Who are they ? Star Heartbreakers, who defeated not one man's heart and continue to place new networks.Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was known for his role in "My fair nanny", but loud novel with producer and colleague on the same series Sergey Zhigunov.Whirlwind romance, the actress began to start already at school. About his first love she remembers with special affection. "My classmate Sergey wanted to get married, but I escaped to Moscow to study at the actress. But it did not become me to wait." In the School-Studio of Moscow art theatre future "nanny" like a lot. They say she had an affair with a classmate, Alexei Zuyev, the future actor of the Theater Mossovet.Two of the first husband of the actress proved to be very stingy. German businessman Klaus took her to Germany and terribly jealous. Her second husband, businessman Dmitry Stryukov left for her wife and daughter, but was unwilling to put up with career success of Anastasia.Now the star of "Apocalypse Code" building a family nest in Yalta with her new husband - Peter Chernyshev. The skater became her partner, and Anastasia says that happy."Many believe that I eat men for Breakfast, lunch and dinner," said Madonna in an interview. - Well, let them think what they want! In this world, to be strong, you have to be a bitch".About romance novels pop Queen is legendary. It would seem that what can unite a dance teacher and a former stripper Christopher Flynn fan of piercings Dennis Rodman, a disc jockey and producer Mark Kamins, sperm donor Carlos Leone, gigolo Andy Byrd, son of U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, basketball player Alex Rodriguez and Brazilian male model Jesus? All of them had chosen Madonna.As for marriage, it is possible to take under the crown of Queen of pop is allowed only twice. Her first husband was actor Sean Penn, the second - stage Director guy Ritchie. First in fits of jealousy raised his hand to her, the second was quieter water.Both Madonna broke up - no explosive Sean nor timid guy and failed to hold her.Marina Alexandrova only 26 years old, and her novels did not have time to write the press. Rumor has it that she met with the star of "Northern lights" by Alexander Zbruev, "Fandorin" Ilya Noskov, TV presenter Ivan Demidov, singer Vladimir Presnyakov Jr., actors Alex Chagovim, Alexey Panin and Alexander Adabashyan, as well as Ukrainian journalist Konstantin Stogram.However, the most notorious novel by Marina spun during the filming of the TV series "Star era" with fatal handsome Alexander Domogarov. The lovers are secretly married at the film festival "Faces of love".Marina is now married to actor Ivan Stebunov. The pair met in the theater "Contemporary", playing in the play "Woe from wit". The actress admits that finally met someone who would give birth to a child."In my life there were only four men - dissembles the sexiest woman in the world, the mother of six children Angelina Jolie. Billy Bob Thornton, Jonny Lee Miller, brad pitt and another beloved, whose name she does not name - not too short list for the main raider men's hearts Hollywood?Angelina double-walked down the aisle. At age 20 she married a partner on the film "Hackers", actor johnny Lee Miller, but after a year got bored.Second husband, the actress became rowdy Billy Bob Thornton. The couple exchanged their blood stored in special containers-ornaments, but three years later removed from the body tattoos with names for each other.In early 2005, Angelina has become the leading cause of divorce is the most beautiful (at the time!) pair of Hollywood - Brad pitt and Jennifer aniston. "Encounters with married men taboo for me," the disowned Angie. But every rule has an exception... January 11, 2006, the actress admitted that waiting for brad's child.Oksana Akinshina chooses men as the film industry, only by his heart. And a special passion she feels for musicians.In 17 years, the actress began to turn a bright affair with the notorious leader of group "Leningrad" Sergey Shnurov. And the age difference (she was still a schoolgirl and he was a man of thirty) Oksana doesn't. At concerts, the future star of "Mods" appeared on the scene and was stroking a loved one on the back, and after the show - hot kissed him right on the face of the amazed public.Second husband of Oksana - a year after breaking up with Shnurov - became the CEO of the company Planeta Inform Dmitry Litvinov. But he was not a musician and the couple went wrong. Recently pregnant Oksana stunned his friends, a statement that left her husband.Her new passion became Gosha Kutsenko, with whom the actress enthusiastically kissed at a recent concert in St. Petersburg.One of the nicknames Sienna Miller - "the blonde outside the law". She masterfully seduces children of fathers family.The new novel by Tatiana and Marat immediately started talking, but the participants of adultery remained silent. "Tanya I completely trust," insisted Alexander. For 14 years of our life together, she never gave cause for any suspicion".The silence was broken by the wife of Marat, Lisa Kutsko. She announced the divorce and the reasons for the separation. More precisely one reason - Tatiana Navka. Itself scandalous couple, however, not at all embarrassed. Tatiana and Marat openly show tender feelings and, according to rumors, thinking about the wedding...Today Jennifer Lopez - an exemplary wife and a caring mother. However, before the marriage with Marc Anthony (who, incidentally, became her third) the singer became famous for not only career success, but also stormy romances.In 1997, J. Lo was married to California the waiter Ojani Noah and lived with him for less than a year. After parting with Noah, had an affair with rapper Puff daddy, and in 2001 - married to dancer Chris Judd. A year later she plunged into a new tumultuous relationship with actor Ben Affleck, and was even going to marry him! "She will beat my record!" - worried Elizabeth Taylor, who walked down the aisle eight times.However, having met Mark Anthony, Jennifer seems to have decided to stop. New choice was very different from all her previous Boyfriends. It does not have that charm and sparkle, which is usually so attracted her. "The first time I can with certainty say that happy with my life," admits Jennifer. - With mark I found a quiet family happiness". But for how long?On the project "Dom-2" Alain Vodonaeva famous loud novels and bitchy character. After leaving the show, she is still flickering on TV screens and the pages of gossip columns.Beyond the perimeter, Alena became a member of Plazma and had an affair with her soloists: first with Roman Chernitsyn, then Bed with max. Rumor has it that she's Roman's wife Irina Dubtsova Packed up, took the child and filed for divorce.The news of the imminent Alena marriage with businessman Alexei Molokanova took many by surprise. Her future husband the girl was introduced to Stepan Menshikov, whom she almost married.

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