Knightley returned to the world of show business

Knightley returned to the world of show businessAfter enduring for some time, the mourning, the actor decided to re-join the world of show business.But at the ceremony - the ceremony of delivery of awards MTV Movie Awards 2009 which was held in the concert hall "Barvikha Luxury Village", the actor did not deign to appear. Although he had to award the prize in the category "Best male role".After a long break, his first place of entertainment was the program "What? Where? When?" on which Constantine was invited as a guest.Rumor has it that the initiative to attend the game, which took place in the Neskuchny garden, came from the Khabensky. Throughout the evening, the actor remained calm and inconspicuous. That night he was only speaking to a presenter who asked the question: "But whom do you think is the best player on the team Andrei Kozlov?".

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