Husband stars `Home-2` Karaseva prepares the documents to the court

Husband stars `Home-2` Karaseva prepares the documents to the courtExhausted feelings for your favorite party of the scandalous TV show "Dom-2" Vyacheslav Dvorackova prepares the documents to the court.The civil husband of the victim due to poor quality pizza Victoria Karaseva intends to punish the cooks who prepared the deadly food and doctors who failed to diagnose it.OperationsThe state of one of the most colorful member of the TV project "Dom-2" Victoria Karaseva remains dire. Doctors still do not make any predictions.We will remind, the girl almost died once ate pizza with seafood stuffing on which the fatal accident left a little piece of shell mussels. Sharp shrapnel ripped up the esophagus miserable TV stars.The next day when tori became ill, her husband Vyacheslav call her an ambulance. At first the girl was taken to hospital N79.- In the clinic, we were informed that she or degenerative disc disease, or thyroid, or spin-told husband Tory Vyacheslav - ... and sent us home! But Victoria didn't feel better.What do the spouses to break through the indifference of the doctors. They went to a private clinic, but there they were advised to go to the endocrinologist at the hospital N68.- There Vick took a shot in the spine to relieve pain, continues his sad story Vyacheslav. We again called for an ambulance, but we were again taken to the same hospital. And there again are unable to make an accurate diagnosis. And the reason is that x-rays Vick did without contrast material, and to identify the true cause is impossible. The doctors wouldn't even listen to her when she told me that after I ate the pizza felt inside slight sting. The doctor said to us was: "If she had damaged the esophagus, then it all would have resulted". So we are left with nothing.The sklifVicky has already started to roll his eyes when it was brought to the city hospital N68. - Thank God, there is one good woman helped us, she immediately determined that she damaged the esophagus, - said Vyacheslav. - Vika and from there sent on an ambulance in the sklif.Victoria immediately underwent surgery. She even started to feel better. But a few days ago, her condition suddenly deteriorated. The surgeons had to once again resort to the scalpel. This time over the girl's best doctors "conjured" 9 hours.But just as she was taken to the intensive care unit, as she again became worse. After the third operation tori hooked up to ventilators.Now doctors make no predictions. Her condition is changing every minute, we must wait, says heartbroken Vyacheslav. - She has several times made a blood transfusion, but even that does not help.During the project Vika appeared hundreds of thousands of fans, and every day dozens of people donate blood for his favorite. So, fortunately, the shortage of donors no.The courtVyacheslav determined.- As soon as Vick will get better, I'll sue the restaurant where we bought a pizza, " says the husband of a star. And doctors are unable to diagnose. In the restaurant we paid by credit card, and the card was officially diagnosed that got punctured by a fragment of shell mussels. So, court papers there.Vyacheslav confident, and his confidence is supporting the doctors: if the operation was performed immediately, now Victoria was already next to him - alive and well. Source: the Husband of the star of "House-2" Karaseva prepares the documents to the court.

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