Elections in Sochi will be held without Volochkova

Elections in Sochi will be held without VolochkovaThe municipal electoral Committee has refused ballerina Anastasia Volochkova in registration as a candidate for mayor of Sochi, which will take place on April 26. To struggle for an armchair of the mayor, where the 2014 Olympic games will be nine candidates.According to the representative of a ballerina, this is due to irregularities in the payment documents . In particular, not the date of birth of Anastasia Volochkova in the payment order from Sberbank, has not been given the necessary information about deposits, income and assets. "We will challenge the Commission's decision in court," - said the representative of the election headquarters Volochkova.The ballerina for a few hours before the official Declaration of a municipal electoral Committee has informed. which is waiting for a negative decision on his candidacy, since it is not put down in the cash receipt date of his birth, although he filled his dictation. At the same time, she reported that although will not participate in elections, will closely monitor the election campaign.Meanwhile, the election Commission on Friday formed the final list of candidates who will fight for the post of mayor of the resort city Sochi. Of the 26 persons who have filed a notice of intention to ballot, the candidates for the post of Sochi mayor registered nine people, reports "Interfax".This acting Sochi mayor candidate from the party "United Russia" Anatoly Pakhomov, head of the liberal democratic party in Krasnodar territory Alexey Kolesnikov, a former candidate in presidents of Russia Andrei Bogdanov, the Sochi businessman Paul Emelianenko, former adviser of the President of Ukraine Boris Nemtsov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of national reserve Corporation Alexander Lebedev, the Krasnodar businessman Vladimir trukhanovsky, first Secretary of the Sochi city Committee of the Communist party Yuri Dzagania, the head of the local branch "Fair Russia" Victor kurpita. Source: Elections in Sochi will be held without Volochkova.

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