Lindsay Lohan is back in the ranks of heterosexuals

Lindsay Lohan is back in the ranks of heterosexualsIt seems that Lindsay Lohan is already "fed up" with lesbian love and returned to the world of heterosexuals.At the end of last week, the actress appeared in a Hollywood night club "My House", where recklessly flirting with several men while her attention is not attracted Leonardo DiCaprio.According to eyewitnesses, Linsey first chatted with the actor, and then rose from the table and started dancing right in front of Leo.Of course, in this situation, Lohan is not difficult to understand. She recently broke up with his girlfriend, and here before her was one of the most popular men in Hollywood. But does Lindsay that might interest such a womanizer, like DiCaprio, don Juan in the list which novels with Helena Christensen and Gisele Bundchen, and now he has a continuing relationship with a charming Israeli model Bar Refaeli?!The source said: "as soon As Lindsay saw Leonardo, she flew at him like a bee to honey. This evening she went to hunt for men, and saw in a dark corner of the club, Leo ran to him. Lindsay managed to capture the attention of Leo, and soon they were busily chatting. In the middle of the party she stood up and gave a dance in front of DiCaprio, and he seems to like it".But it seems unlikely that Lohan will be able to lead an actor from Bar Refaeli. Most likely, for Leonardo it was a brief, meaningless affair. Source: Lindsay Lohan is back in the ranks of heterosexuals.

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