Porn star Elena Berkova wants to be mayor of Sochi

Porn star Elena Berkova wants to be mayor of SochiThe first Russian porn star Elena Berkova going to officially register as a candidate for mayor of Sochi.In the campaign headquarters of former participants of the TV project "Dom-2" said that Elena Berkova already visited Sochi, where he made a campaign ad that she posted on her website."Elena particularly interested in winning as one of her rivals is known scandalous politician Boris Nemtsov, with whom she last year there was a conflict. Berkova even appealed a claim to the court that the policy sought to 100 thousand rubles for insulting her personality during the presentation of the book "confessions of a rebel. Politics without BL..CTB", - said the press Secretary of Berkova."The final election will be held on April 26, and Elena are more than willing to support the city of Sochi, because in 2014 there will be held the Olympic games, Berkova and on this occasion there is a wealth of creative ideas," - said in the campaign headquarters of a porn star. Source: porn star Elena Berkova wants to be mayor of Sochi.

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