Madonna is planning to get engaged with Jesus Luz

Madonna is planning to get engaged with Jesus LuzMadonna and her Brazilian lover Jesus Luz are planning to arrange a ceremony of betrothal in the tradition of Kabbalah. Young male model helps pop star to deal with the emotions because of the failure of the adoption.Madonna Dating Jesus Luz since the beginning of this year, having met him on the set of a photo shoot for the magazine "W". Before Madonna flew to Malawi in April to attempt to adopt three year old mercy James, reports emerged that the couple broke up.But, since the adoption attempt failed, the singer once again focused on his young lover. Luz has appealed to the Catholic faith in Kabbalah, and, according to British newspaper "Sunday Mirror", the pair will take part in the service at the Kabbalah Centre in Manhattan.A source tells the publication: "They are completely dissolved in each other, and he's really helped Madonna in this difficult time. The point was not that the relationship has cooled off, it was more the desire of the Madonna focus on their petition for adoption of the Mersey, and they didn't want to draw attention that it became the main theme.It is reported that children Madonna's 12 - year-old Lourdes, eight-year-old Rocco and three-year adopted son David - accept Jesus. Source: Madonna is planning to get engaged with Jesus Luz.

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