An Opera based on `the Night watch` Lukyanenko put in Vienna

An Opera based on `the Night watch` Lukyanenko put in ViennaWriter Sergei Lukyanenko was asked to write the libretto for classical Opera in his novel "Night watch", reported RIA Novosti himself popular fiction."I went to the Director of the Vienna state Opera and the Finnish producer whose name I do not want to name who was asked to write for the Opera "the Night's watch," the libretto," said Lukyanenko.He clarified that we are talking about classical Opera, but with modern scenery and special effects."It will be a bright, spectacular staging, aims to attract young people, but the music will be classical," - said the Agency interlocutor.The writer explained that the basis for the libretto lies not entirely novel, and one brilliant episode."Of course, the novel is difficult to put in whole, and not necessary. Importantly, in the episode, taken for the libretto, it was everything that guarantees the success of the product - a story of love, adventure, betrayal, tragedy," said Lukyanenko.The Director of the play, according to the writer, will be selected when the libretto and the music, ordered a young but already famous Finnish composer, whose name the Agency interlocutor also not ready to disclose."In two weeks I will go to Finland, where he will meet with the composer. And probably after this meeting will commence work on the libretto", - shared his plans Lukyanenko.He believes that the choice of European Directors fell on "Night watch" because of the great popularity of the book in Germany and Austria. "Novel came out in these countries in large numbers, apparently, it has attracted producers," suggested the writer.Lukyanenko admitted that he has never engaged in writing the libretto, but he was very interested to try their hand at a new role."The libretto, which I will write, then, are to be translated into Italian and English. Maybe Opera will then go in several European theaters," he said. Source: an Opera based on "the Night watch Lukyanenko put in Vienna.

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