Hugh Grant was going to retire

Hugh Grant was going to retireBritish heartthrob Hugh Grant decided to leave the movie for the umpteenth time. For the first time, he wondered what he doesn't like acting before auditioning for the lead role in "Four weddings and one funeral" in the early ' 90s.If, according to him, he didn't get the part, there would be a fairy tale came to an end. But the party got to him. And after the release of the film and its spectacular success with a pension had to wait. Then Hugh again tried to throw everything - after the second part of "Bridget Jones", but instead went and starred in "the American dream", "out of sight, from the chart - get out!" and in a couple of movies. In General, worthless to him! He himself understands it: said this in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that "in the eyes of the people he looks ridiculous.".

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