Paris Hilton handed a lawsuit for $8.3 million

Paris Hilton handed a lawsuit for $8.3 millionSocialite Paris Hilton received a summons to court. There she was handed a lawsuit for 8.3 million dollars. As it turned out, the producers of the film "Swear" accused Paris that it did not contribute to its promotion on the DVD.Recall the movie "Swear" was released in 2006 and gathered about half a million dollars. As you know, Paris Hilton was the main character and one of the producers of the project.In turn, Paris denies the accusations and claims that when the film went into the car, she handled the PR day and night: in a press interview, at parties, friends recommended, and even on the red carpet. But stressed that he never promised to do the same to promote the DVD version, according to "Komsomolskaya Pravda".The heiress to the Empire Hilton shocked the lawyers that are unable to outline the range of their production duties. She is not also received a comprehensive answer to the question: why, didn't her other producers."I don't know what's going on with your phone," said Paris. - I lose it every two weeks and buy a new one. I even phone bill in my life seen".Attorney Hilton Michael Manstein asked whether his client diary, where business negotiations. Paris replied that information about their encounters draws on the world wide web: just enter his name into the Google search box.During the pre-trial hearing, the attorney Hilton said: "She is one of the busiest people on the planet." The court will be held in June. Source: Paris Hilton handed a lawsuit for $8.3 million.

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