Fans mourn Michael Jackson about his idol

Fans mourn Michael Jackson about his idolThousands of fans of Michael Jackson, who passed away in the night, surrounded the outskirts of the hospital medical center, University of California at Los Angeles, where he was hospitalized a famous singer.First about the possible causes of death spoke the brother of singer Jermaine: "it Seems that his heart stopped when he was at home. But the exact cause of death will not be known until there is no autopsy," said he. The death of Michael Jackson was pronounced on June 26 01.26 Moscow time.British tabloid the Sun reports that Michael Jackson collapsed and stopped breathing after the injection of the strongest painkiller similar to morphine. It is assumed that the heart stopped because of overdose.Thousands of admirers of talent of Michael Jackson, and just those who remained indifferent to the news of his sudden death, gathered at the famous new York Plaza times Square, which is the most crowded place in the world, is able to collect up to a million people, and about home in Indiana, where the singer spent his childhood, writes RIA Novosti. People are holding photos of the singer, lighted candles, flowers and soft toys. "This is not a joke. The king of pop is no more. Awful. It's like when he killed Kennedy. I will always remember today's day in times Square," said one of the residents of new York.Friends and colleagues of the singer, too, mourn his death. The Governor of California, the famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, said in a statement: "Michael was a unique phenomenon in pop music, he never ceased to push the boundaries of creativity. Despite faced serious questions about his personal life, Michael was undoubtedly a great showman. Its popularity has spread to many generations around the world.".

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