One of the `Shiny` Breasts reduced

One of the `Shiny` Breasts reducedWith the appearance of the soloist of group "Shining" Anna dubovitskiy an unexpected change - the girl reduced the chest.Fans of the actress noticed that one of the sexiest singers on our stage greatly decreased breast size. Now secular gossips wondering how this could happen.Friends of the singer, in order to avoid incorrect assumptions, I decided to give an explanation of what happened. Reducing breast size Ani they explain the total loss of the singer, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".It turned out that the last few months the girl adhered to a very strict diet, the result of which was a strong loss - Anna dropped about seven pounds. As a consequence, decreased all volumes, including the breast, which, according to colleagues of the singer, "lost" for a size - up from fourth to third.However, a large part of who you Ani, argues that the changes were the girl only benefit. The same opinion is shared by fans of the actress. According to them, now Dubovitskaya looks even more attractive and desirable that for the modern datelines show business, as you know, is extremely important.The producers group has long been realized that the girls can not just walk around the streets. Last month the band "Shiny" expanded broad-shouldered men in the form of a detachment of militia of special function. Such an impressive and serious escorts producers groups mobilized on the eve of the birthday of lead singer Anna Dubovitskii. The reason for this enhanced protection - repeated statements of annoying fans who literally besieged by girls. "First, we are bombarded with strange text, - has shared with the Days.Ru Anna Dubovitskaya. - It has been reported that we are preparing a surprise will be waiting for us under the Windows". Source: One of the "Brilliant" reduced the chest.

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