Elton John will present his show, the Red Piano in Moscow

Elton John will present his show, the Red Piano in MoscowLegendary British singer Elton John for the first time in Russia will present its unprecedented show Red Piano in full scale at the Moscow SC "Olympic" on October 7, 2009.This was reported to journalists on Thursday, the head of the group of companies-organizers of the tour of SAV entertainment and "Russian Show-Center" Nadezhda Soloveva."This project that we're at this time doing with Elton John, was not yet. World's first stationary show from Las Vegas will be on the road," said Solovyov.According to her, the Red Piano will be completely removed from the site of Las Vegas and transported to the Olympic stadium to 48 trucks."This show will be a first start to travel with an incredible number of glands, decorations and equipment - at his statement were spent tens of millions," she said.For its part, colleague Solovieva, who, along with her stands at the head of the group of companies SAV entertainment and "Russian Show-Center" Vladimir Zubitsky noted that "it will not be one Elton John with his band as before - with the show comes more than 120 people"."For the first time Elton John will be performing in Moscow in the Kremlin, and in "Olimpica" because this show can't fit in the Kremlin Palace", he added.Sobecki also said that "on the show, which is one of the most stunning in the world" Thursday is already possible to buy tickets.In turn Soloviev drew attention to the fact that tickets must be purchased from an authorized dealers, because the other fake tickets will be 100%".She also said that the organizers of last year wanted to bring the show Red Piano in Russia, but "couldn't find window"."Elton John is not working without a break, and doing two shows a month and stops, because that is also a lot of other things, modern art, charity and so on. His touring is not touring sting, which can continuously travel for two years, so with Elton more complicated," she explained.She also admitted that their companies "Elton John on part of the negotiations, the easiest artist"."Easier Elton John in my memory there was not a single artist. Maybe because it was the first serious artist, which we did. Negotiations with him are maybe three mails in one line", she said.Show the Red Piano was first staged in Las Vegas in 2004 and immediately received the highest reviews by critics. Using a red piano as the main symbol and starting point of his show, sir Elton John also invited his friend David, LaChapelle to work on the visual component which would be in harmony with the music and at the same time entertained the audience. The famous photographer has added color neon sculpture, pop art, inflatable figures and balls, a live band and podiums for the bar. Source: Elton John will present his show, the Red Piano in Moscow.

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