A new novel by Dan brown will be released on September 15

A new novel by Dan brown will be released on September 15The latest novel by Dan brown, author of the bestseller "the da Vinci Code" and "Angels and demons", will appear in American bookstores on 15 September 2009.The book will be titled "The Lost Symbol" ("the Lost symbol"), the initial edition will be held over five million copies, according to the website of the writer.The main character of the book will already be known to the reader of Robert Langdon. The novel is laid in 12 hours. No other details were not disclosed.Earlier media was called a different working title of "Key of Solomon". In early 2006 publisher brown - Doubleday - disseminated information about the content of future books by this writer can learn from the book jacket of the da Vinci Code". Following this indication, journalists several publications have come to the conclusion that the action of the book will occur in Washington, and probably it will involve the Mormons, the masons and the CIA.Dan brown repeatedly delayed the release of the new novel: originally it was to be published in the fall of 2006, then it was moved to 2007, but in February 2009 the writer officially announced the termination of work on the book."The da Vinci code" was published in March 2003, 54 weeks ranked first in the ranking of best-selling newspaper the New York Times and has sold 81 million copies. Film adaptation of the book, which appeared in may 2006, grossed 758 million. The film version of the novel "Angels and demons" will be released on may 15, 2009. Studio Columbia Pictures has already announced its willingness to migrate and the third novel brown on the screen. Source: the New novel by Dan brown will be released on September 15.

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