Moscow will meet `Eurovision` armed

Moscow will meet `Eurovision` armedIn Moscow on may 3, kicks off the musical contest "Eurovision" - on this day in the Moscow sports complex "Olympic" will be the first rehearsal of semi-finalists.The organizers of "Eurovision" tried everything " and how to maintain order, and to give the opportunity to see the competition for those who could not buy tickets, and separate the Parking of cars and buses for guests.From may 3 to 10, each of the 42 contestants will spend two individual rehearsals with a duration of 40 minutes. Do this first semi-finalists of "Eurovision" and the country's "Big four" and Russia, which are automatically allowed to participate in the final competition, will hone their skills on the stage of the "Olympic" on 9 and 10 may.On the last day of rehearsals on stage EUROДОМа, which is located in the "Manege" will be held the official opening of "Eurovision-2009". The major events of the competition will be the two semi-finals and finals, which will be held in the "Olympic" 12, 14 and 16 may respectively. Note that the General costumed rehearsals of performances make up the day before and the day of these concerts.Note that the organizers of "Eurovision" tried to foresee everything. In particular, for those who could not buy tickets at the red square it is planned to install a large screen to broadcast the competition." "The question of the installation of the big screen. We are organizers think through all the options. One of the properties is the Red square. All will take place in an organized manner," said the Plenipotentiary of the mayor in the Moscow city Duma, member of the organizing Committee of the 54th musical contest Valery Vinogradov.He also reported that the sale of alcoholic beverages in places of carrying out of competition "the Eurovision-2009" is prohibited. "Alcohol at the "Eurovision" will not be sold, this is due to Federal law, which prohibits the sale of alcohol at such events," said Vinogradov. However, he added that in all points of the contest will be organized catering.As informs RIA of "news" to ensure law and order in Moscow sports complex "Olympic" and the surrounding area during the contest will be about 800 policemen. According to the Deputy chief of the municipal Department of internal Affairs of Moscow Vyacheslav Kozlov, in the center of Moscow will be introduced a special, enhanced patrol, also on the spetsrezhimom will work and each of the 13 hotels in the capital, which will accommodate guests of Eurovision. He also said that the traffic police have provided Parking for guests ' cars of the competition and spectators near the sports complex "Olympic" and "Arena".In addition Kozlov recalled that the Moscow metro in the days of semi-finals and final of "Eurovision" will work for a few hours longer. "In the days of the semi-finals of the metro will be open until 02:30 Moscow time, and on the day of the finals - in the night of 16 and 17 may extend the subway to work 03:30 Moscow time", - said the Deputy head of the municipal Department of internal Affairs of the capital. Source: Moscow will meet the "Eurovision" in armed.

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