Naomi Campbell will lead a `Eurovision` in Moscow

Naomi Campbell will lead a `Eurovision` in MoscowThe main mystery of "Eurovision-2009", which is about to be officially launched in Moscow: participants already announced not the country-the winner and the names of the leading competition program.As it became known LIFE.RU one of them will become Russified fashion model Naomi Campbell.Black star world podium, which, without blinking, calls native Russian capital, was delighted to see an unexpected proposal - the idea gave her Russian friends from kolosowski circles. According to witnesses of the transaction, which many Patriotic reasons will be called diabolical, Campbell promised to find in his frantic schedule time for this important event.In a couple of "the black Panther" tipped main predators of domestic show business: Ivan Urgant, Andrei Malakhov, Garik Martirosjan. All three are silent as fish. Did not do official statements and the Campbell - turn "Eurovision-2009" contest-the mystery of the organizers managed now, a day before the start. Nevertheless, according to the inhabitants behind the scenes "Olympic", the nominee Naomi leading to the throne - the issue has been resolved."Will be leading a few, told us so" - share with LIFE.RU the Euro, which is already gathered in Moscow for rehearsals. "We don't know the names of Russian entertainer, but Naomi Campbell no one will confuse. I hope she really will take the stage - it would be very honorable.".

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