A film about Jewish partisans aroused the indignation of the poles

A film about Jewish partisans aroused the indignation of the polesPublished in Polish, the film Director Edward Zwick "Challenge" caused a wave of anger in this country, according to "Videos." referring to "The Guardian".The poles were outraged by the heroic images of the four Bielski brothers, who fled from Nazi-occupied Polish territory and organized the partisans in the forests of Belarus.Many poles believe that this unit participated in the attack on the village of Naliboki, which killed 128 of its residents.For example, the conservative newspaper "Rzecpospolita" in an article on the release of a film by Edward Zwick, argues that Jewish resistance groups are not particularly shy in the media, when they came to the village for supplies. "Very often these visits were accompanied by murders and rapes", - quotes the source of the British edition.The older brothers, Tuvia, who commanded the detachment, the newspaper calls "a cross between a bandit and a hero", and a more liberal newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, although not faulted Bielsko attack on nalibaki, describes the detachment commander as a drunkard and red tape.The script of the film "the Call" based on the book of the researcher of the Holocaust Nechama Tekom - a Jew who survived in Poland during the war, as was posing as a Catholic. Source: a Film about Jewish partisans aroused the indignation of the poles.

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