Kate Gordon has denied the rumors about their marriage

Kate Gordon has denied the rumors about their marriageOn the eve on the world wide web a rumour that Kate married a Moscow photographer named Vlad.The news decided to comment on the "bride": "I Do now have a young man named Vlad. He's a photographer. We are very good together, " says Gordon "Komsomolskaya Pravda". "But I'm not yet ready to announce our wedding. Of course, I'm not 18, and 28, it is clear that I want a family and children, but the wedding date we with Vlad has not yet been discussed".Recall that earlier this year the public was struck by the news that Katie Gordon affair with a young actor from the TV series "kadetstvo". 17-year-old Kirill Emelyanov publicly said that he has long met with the controversial radio host, and even lives with her.But, as Kate herself says, communication with Cyril stopped immediately after his interview: "Frankly, after Kirill said in an interview that I'm his girlfriend, I stopped communicating with him. Do not think anything bad: Kiruha's a great guy. But it seems to me, such statements still need to coordinate with another person. There was still more one-sided love on his part. I did not want to take on such a responsibility, what honestly said Cyril".Kate Gordon was previously married to TV presenter Alexander Gordon. Among its main enemies socialite Ksenia Sobchak, whom she was quarreling live popular radio station. Someone thinks its a brain, and someone is crazy. Recently, she has once again confirmed its impulsiveness, going to Antarctica. And now he's fond of singing: posted on the Internet uncomplicated composition in its execution, "I'm happy today." Source: Kate Gordon denied the rumors about their marriage.

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